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Fun Match SUNDAY Online Entry for February

Please use this online entry form ONLY if you plan to enter this event and pay online via PayPal. An invoice will be sent after the form is received and reviewed for the entry with a small Paypal convenience fee added. This is not an automated process.

Questions - Please be sure to read the February Fun Fare Info. Pages for details on the event. Lots of details are covered there that may be able to answer things you are unsure about.

Sunday February 12th, 2023 Online Entry Form

Please fill in the following info.   Further below you will input the number of runs you would like to enter this dog in based on the class and level you wish them entered in.  You can enter up to a total of 10 runs mixed in combination of classes offered

In order to enter this fun match all Exhibitors MUST agree to the Liability Terms and Conditions. Please read the terms by clicking on the graphic on the left. Entries are only accepted from those that agree and click on the above "Liability Terms" checkbox.