CPE Nationals Camping Reservation Form

Onsite RV/Camping requests for the Nationals will be taken starting March 14th.  

A camping reservation form is now available.  The form can be sent in or delivered to WAG starting March 14th for the camping draw.  No reservation forms will be accepted prior to March 14th.  Campers will have from March 14th – through post mark date of -March 20 to be included in the draw.  RV spots will be assigned on March 27th and participants will be notified by email with a confirmation of camping and their assigned spot or that they did not receive a spot to camp onsite as ALL spots were filled.  

If you wish to camp in the area and do not get a spot on site – please see RV locations  under “area accommodations”  of the WAG Nationals page. 

DO NOT send in a request with the everyday RV form on our website – that form will not cover the Nationals – costs and options will be different and that form will be rejected.  You must download the RV form below.

Please note camping fee is per day - not per night.